I can't thank the Andrea Knowles Academy of Dancing enough for what they have given my 2 girls. From the first dance party Anna & Sophie did for us & the 1st dance lesson nearly 4 years ago my daughters have not looked back. From dancing on a London stage, exceeding in dance exams & competitions they have been encouraged & helped along the way by the brilliant & friendly teachers. We couldn't ask for more from a dance school, thank you.



Dear Andrea, Kim and Anna,

I just wanted to once again thank you for a wonderful show, and the opportunities you give my girls.

The show is always a great opportunity for them to make new friends backstage and show us how much their dancing has progressed over the last two years, as well as the obvious increase  in confidence.

I cannot even begin to unserstand how much time goes into the seemingly effortless  shows you produce, from the amazing costumes, choreography, music, etc... but I know that I appreciate every little bit you all give and think you always pull a better show out of the bag each year.

I had many highlight's, but seeing Holly's dancing in Cats and Riverdance quite unvelievable, Emily (my tomboy) dancing in a pink girly costume tapping her little heart out beaming away and Bethany who is always passed over at school due to her hearing difficulties stood up on stage talking at the beginning was probably my proudest moment.

I feel very lucky that my girls are part of your dancing school, and that you take the time to care and look after them.

Thank you once again.

Alison Clifford

, Mother to Holly, Bethany, and Emily


Changing dance schools to Andrea Knowles Academy of Dance was one of the best things I have ever done! The teachers are very kind, and have a genuine interest for each pupil. I always look forward to my dance lessons, competitions and exams. I am so thankful to the teachers who have taught me so much - they are all brilliant!

, Pupil


Poppy has been a pupil at the academy for 10 years and has loved taking part in exams competitions and shows. Her sister flick is following in her big sister's footsteps and absolutely loves dancing. The teachers are all highly qualified and dedicated enthusiastic and friendly resulting in happy talented children who strive to achieve the best that they can in the chosen area of dance.

, Mother of Poppy & Flick


Hi Andrea, just wanted to thank you and all of the team for the super opportunities you give our children. The get to take part in lessons with highly qualified teachers working through the grade exams, and they also have the opportunity to perform in bi-annual shows which with great choreography, music and costumes, is so much part of the joy of dance...

It is also the huge life lessons about dealing with success and failure that I'm so impressed with those children who participate in the competitions learn to work for, and when it comes enjoy their success, with congratulations and well done ringing in the ears from their friends of all ages.

They learn to associate hard work with results, but more importantly to my mind hey learnt to deal with the more frequent occasions when they don't win it is then that they are supported by their friends and peers who are all willing each other to do their best even when in direct competition with each other. When these children come off the floor sometimes disappointed or frustrated it is always into hugs and support generated by their friends and teachers. They grow and mature in this climate and they are all better for it! Anyway thank you again, and here's to more of the same in the coming year!

, Parent of one of our wonderful Pupils

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