Highly recommend the academy all teachers are amazing, and have been very supportive throughout difficult times. My children see them as extended family, they teach to a very high standard and get great results not because of toughness but because all the pupils are keen and happy and this shows in the results, my little girl at the age of 6 had been given opportunities she could only dream off.

Clare Noyce - Mother of Leyla and Jay


A lovely dance school who achieve great results without putting unfair pressure on the children. The students don’t just learn to dance, they learn to love dance, have fun and be part of the AK dance family. My energetic son has been learning with Miss Kim since he was 2 and it provides him with a great way to channel his energy. Starting school for the first time was not a worry because he was already used to taking instruction and is happy playing with boys and girls thanks to his dancing friends. The thought of stopping dance lessons has never crossed his mind which says a lot about the AK Academy of Dancing teachers and the environment they create.

 Rebecca Burns - Mother of one of our wonderful pupils


The academy has been part of our lives for over 12 years. What started off as one subject, stretched to two, then three and finally all subjects as she loved it so much; it became a major part of my daughters life. The teachers have been amazing and their support and dedication has meant my daughter has surpassed her dreams and expectations from taking exams, dancing in London and competing at national level, we've seen her confidence grow over the years. We feel AK has become apart of our family and will be missed when she leaves for university.



Such an amazing dance school both my children go here doing different dances they love it my son does boys street it has given him so much more confidence and my daughter well she does everything! She absolutely loves it and has been with the school for 7 years now if she could she would be there every day! The opportunities that she has have been amazing dancing in London, Disneyland many competitions and exams! They wouldn't go anywhere else!

Michelle Smith - Mother of Bethany and Xavier


I couldn’t recommend this dance school enough, they are very professional and extremely dedicated to each and every student. My daughter has learnt so much since being here and I love watching her learn new things every lesson. My youngest daughter will be starting as soon as she can walk 💗💫

Karley Quinn - Mother of one of our wonderful pupils

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