Dear Andrea, Kim and Anna,

I just wanted to once again thank you for a wonderful show, and the opportunities you give my girls.

The show is always a great opportunity for them to make new friends backstage and show us how much their dancing has progressed over the last two years, as well as the obvious increase  in confidence.

I cannot even begin to unserstand how much time goes into the seemingly effortless  shows you produce, from the amazing costumes, choreography, music, etc... but I know that I appreciate every little bit you all give and think you always pull a better show out of the bag each year.

I had many highlight's, but seeing Holly's dancing in Cats and Riverdance quite unvelievable, Emily (my tomboy) dancing in a pink girly costume tapping her little heart out beaming away and Bethany who is always passed over at school due to her hearing difficulties stood up on stage talking at the beginning was probably my proudest moment.

I feel very lucky that my girls are part of your dancing school, and that you take the time to care and look after them.

Thank you once again.

Alison Clifford

, Mother to Holly, Bethany, and Emily


The academy has been part of our lives for over 12 years. What started off as one subject, stretched to two, then three and finally all subjects as she loved it so much; it became a major part of my daughters life. The teachers have been amazing and their support and dedication has meant my daughter has surpassed her dreams and expectations from taking exams, dancing in London and competing at national level, we've seen her confidence grow over the years. We feel AK has become apart of our family and will be missed when she leaves for university.



Would highly recommend this dance academy our 3 daughters have danced here since they were 4 and achieved so much thanks to the wonderful teachers. They teach to a high standard and are encouraging and kind. They have gained so much confidence from this school and the opportunities given such as shows exams and competitions.

Leianne Spaulding - Mother of the 'Triplets'


Highly recommend the academy all teachers are amazing, and have been very supportive throughout difficult times. My children see them as extended family, they teach to a very high standard and get great results not because of toughness but because all the pupils are keen and happy and this shows in the results, my little girl at the age of 6 had been given opportunities she could only dream off.

Clare Noyce - Mother of Leyla and Jay


My daughter has been dancing here now for 6 years having tried several other local schools which were ok but not enough. Finally found the one that brings the best out in its pupils, that encourages them, that drives them to their best. The opportunities it has given my daughter are brilliant and the friendships are priceless. Highly recommend.

Rachel Jeffries - Mother of Harriett

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