Latest Achievements


Portsmouth I.S.T.D Street competition results:

☆21 Medal Placings☆

1st place: 7

2nd place: 3

3rd place: 4

4th place: 5

5th place: 1

7th place: 1

Team ‘Oxygen’ 1st place

A big congratulations to one of our former pupils Bronwyn Ebsworth on graduating from Performers College – JULY 2019


Swindon I.S.T.D DFR qualifying competition results – JULY 2019

1st place: 16
2nd place: 10
3rd place: 14
4th place: 9
5th place: 10
6th place: 5
7th place: 2

30 pupils qualified for the I.S.T.D NATIONAL FINALS


A huge congratulations  to one of our current pupils, Molly Bugler, who has been accepted in to the ITALIA CONTI ACADEMY OF THEATRE ARTS in London, where she starts her journey in  September – APRIL 2019



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